Who is a Probate Attorney

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Who is a Probate Attorney

When a person dies, the probate attorney handles the process of estate administration. So, it’s time to understand who takes the attorney and its duties.   

Who is a probate lawyer?

The probate lawyer assists the beneficiary and executor of an estate in settling the decedent’s affairs. However, the trust avoids probate when one places the decedent’s asset in it. A trust can guarantee a smooth property transfer without going through a court or legal process.

When someone dies, the court distributes the assets according to state laws and their will instructions while living. As part of the probate process, the probate lawyer guides the beneficiary or executor. This lawyer assists with identifying beneficiaries and estate assets and allocating assets and inheritances.

Duties of a probate lawyer?

Here are some specific examples of typical chores an executor and beneficiaries might receive help with from a probate lawyer:

  • Obtaining a life insurance policy proceeds
  • Estate asset identification and protection
  • Getting valuations for the deceased’s real estate
  • Helping with the payment of debts and bills
  • All documents have been prepared and submitted to the probate court to determine whether any estate or inheritance tax has been owed. To determine whether such bills have been paid or not. 
  • Resolving tax problems
  • Taking care of the estate’s bank account
  • Transferring property owned by the deceased to the designated recipients
  • Once all debt and tax have cleared, the court should distribute the rest of the assets to the beneficiary. 

The probate lawyer will often start by proving the will to ensure it is legal if the decedent left a choice. Then, an attorney reviewed the document to ensure it was written correctly. The court may invalidate a will if:

  • The testator (the person who made the will) did not sign it in line with state rules, establishing criteria for witnesses.
  • When preparing the will, the testator had limited mental capacity.
  • There is pressure on the testator to submit the other’s will because of duress (threats or coercion).

Difference between a probate lawyer and an estate lawyer

Depending on the specifics of the estate, a probate lawyer is also known as an estate attorney. In addition, whether involved in various ways depends on the deceased’s assets’ value and whether they have a last will. The beneficiary submits the claim and brings legal action when there is no will to protect the help of their entitlement. Questions about its legality can arise when a choice is present, resulting in litigation.

The estate administration is simpler by the presence of a will. However, state rules govern the disposal of the estate in the absence of choice. In either scenario, a probate attorney will assist in deciding how one can manage the deceased’s assets. Additionally, if necessary, this attorney can help with the distribution and documentation.

Various circumstances and criteria will determine whether or not you require a probate lawyer. 

  • How complex are the laws in your state?
  • Which kind of estate plan did the deceased establish?
  • They may have had a will. The Trust? Both? Exactly nothing?
  • How big is the estate, exactly?
  • Exist any tense connections between beneficiaries?
  • How complex are the beneficiary designations and assets?

There is no getting around dealing with probate if the decedent just left a Will. The natural next step is determining how convoluted the estate is and, consequently, how challenging the probate will be. An attorney may appear more desirable the more intricate an estate is. On the other side, there is no requirement for a probate lawyer if the deceased had an adequately set up Trust.

So, can you handle probate without legal counsel? Although you may usually take the probate procedure on your own, there are situations when an estate is too intricate or large not to think about hiring a lawyer.

Benefits of working with a probate lawyer

If the decedent left behind a sizable estate, probate could be challenging. Executors and administrators must submit a final accounting of all their estate-related operations when probate is finished. This also contains a thorough accounting of all assets acquired and expenses paid. In addition, the final allocation of any unspent money and the gains and losses on sales must be accurately recorded.

A probate attorney gives the executor or administrator further protection about these documents. If a lawyer wasn’t contacted, the executor or administrator must correct any inaccuracies in these papers. A competent probate attorney will ensure that all accounting is done correctly, occasionally seeking advice from a different accounting company for more complex instances.

When handling the estate, a probate attorney also offers objectivity. It can be a difficult moment for those close to the person who passed away. A probate attorney can take a step back from the intense emotions that others are experiencing and render a fair and unbiased decision in any potential conflict.

Cost of hiring a probate lawyer

There are several ways that probate attorneys bill their clients for their services. The following are some of the techniques probate attorneys use to bill clients for the services they provide:

  • Fixed costs
  • Charges per hour
  • The payment as a portion of the estate’s worth

It is important to remember that a probate lawyer’s specific fee varies according to their experience, the services they provide, their location, and the assets the dead had. However, due to California’s high cost of living, legal services are often quite expensive.


The executor of the decedent’s will and the beneficiaries of the will can receive assistance from the probate lawyer during the probate process. These people guarantee that the executor implements the choice impartially by state laws through a guided probate procedure (and the legal phrases associated with probate). They make sure that each estate beneficiary gets their just portion. The executor might always ask the probate lawyer for legal counsel before transferring assets to beneficiaries.

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